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    About Us

    Lena the Artist

    A creative in the most pure sense of the word. Lena is always finding the artistic side of everything. She believes that when we see a film we are transported into another universe, a universe of celluloid and metaphors. When she isn't watching movies you can find her drawing, taking gorgeous photos of forests, or figuring out how to befriend penguins and Boston terriers.

    Julian the Nerd

    Loves watching movies, playing videogames and eating tacos. Has encyclopedic knowledge of movie quotes, even movies he hasn't seen. Is constantly building or learning something new, like making kombucha, or making a robot, or drawing penguins.

    Top Posts

    It Truly is the F***ing End

    9/ 9/ 20

    A review of the second season of The End of the F***ing World