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    It Truly is the F***ing End

    A review of the second season of The End of the F***ing World

    Just saw the last season for The End of the F***ing World and it was a fitting end to a dark and emotionally detached series that gave me my share of awkward laughs. The show could have been a dull second note after the amazing first season, that although ends abruptly, ends in a realistic and appropriate tone.

    The first season demonstrated a world in which kids are not heard are misunderstood. I mean, these teenagers can’t even understand themselves and they are screaming and rebelling against society in an attempt to make sense of their world. And the moment they seem to get the handle on things, life yanks them back to reality, and it ends.

    Well, that was the first season. Season 2 gives us an epilogue that continues alongside the same path as the first season without doing it a disservice. My only gripe is that it makes the resolution, or lack thereof, of the first season feel empty.

    Anyways check out this show. I recommend it.